ENEQUIST is a half Dutch, half Swedish electronic artist from the Netherlands who moved to the German capital to immerse himself into what inspires him most: The sound of a city whose nocturnal rhythms seem never-ending. 

Fitting to his dark and innovative sound, ENEQUIST opposes muggy atmospheres and heavy beats to his soft and melodious voice. Thereby creating a compelling fusion of ambiances to get one shifted into a new dimension of space and time. An eclectic palette of textures and melodies that may result from the artist’s wide musical education and previous musical projects.

The title song of the debut single "Northern Light" starts out with a rather melancholic introduction thatswiftly turns into an euphoric dimension through a catchy hook and reassuring harmonies. A musical mixture of electronic beats and minimal pop.

The flip side “Distorted” is opened by an atmospheric vocal arrangement and sustained by the artists powerful falsetto voice. Through harmonies and a growing bass drum, the listener is taken through elusive atmospheres and dark ambiances. 

A musical atmosphere that is outlined by the artist’s rather dark, minimalistic and ambiguous art cover.


ENEQUIST - Northern Light (front).png



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